Ambulatory surgery allows patients to have surgery, spend a short time recovering at the center, then continue to recover in the comfort of their homes -- all in the same day. Our ambulatory surgery center provides state-of-the-art surgical care in a comfortable and convenient setting. Our staff is dedicated to assuring you the highest level of personal care and patient satisfaction.

Pre-operative Appointments

Prior to surgery, your physician may require preoperative lab tests. Your physician's office can advise you of the nearest laboratory.

Post-Operative Instruction

Each patient is given written post-operative instructions when they go home. Do not hesitate to call your doctor if you have any questions about your discharge instructions or recovery. Should you experience severe pain, bleeding, fever or nausea after surgery, consult your doctor or an Emergency Room doctor immediately.

Patient Satisfaction

Each patient is asked to provide feedback to Los Gatos Surgical Center in a Patient Satisfaction Survey. Los Gatos Surgical Center constantly strives to improve our services to our patients. Patient feedback provides us with valuable information that we use both to measure our success and continually improve our performance.

A Note for Parents of Pediatric Patients

Parents will receive specific instructions regarding dietary restrictions and arrival times for their child.

Going Home

You must make arrangements to have an adult family member or friend drive you home. We must cancel your surgery if you are unable to make these arrangements. It is important that you have someone stay with you for the first night after surgery, just in case you need any assistance.